So you have been given the task of organising the final hurrah for your one of your best friends. Now, this is no easy task, especially if you stick to the clichés that you see in films.

Make sure that you avoid these mistakes, well that is unless you recently decided you have a strong dislike for the groom!

Don't bother planning

What´s the point in planning right? You can just show up in a place and find the best things to do when you get there! – No, no you can’t. Make sure that you have planned everything out, where are you going to stay? What are you going to do? How many of you are going? Don’t forget about transport either!

Start drinking early

The quicker you start drinking the better! Get them in early and make sure you show how much of a man you are by drinking more than everyone else! – Please, please don’t do this. This is going to be a marathon and not a sprint and if you weekend starts like this then you won’t be fit for either. I know it’s crazy to suggest not drinking until the evening, but keep in mind you’re looking to finish at 5am.

Eating is cheating

This needs little explanation and like the point above, if you are thinking like this then your night is going to come to a very early and very very messy end! There is no rush so make sure you book a cool place to eat and enjoy yourselves, besides, where else will you be making your best man’s speech and rallying the lads in a rousing Braveheart style call to arms?

To the streets

Now, this fits in with the first point, make sure that you have not only picked your club with care, but you have booked yourself the VIP section! This is going to get you fantastic service, quick entry and a lot of attention. Now it really is time to let go and embrace everything you associate with stag weekends. Get the drinks flowing and make sure the forfeits are suitably stupid.

Walk back to the hotel!

Walking back to the hotel may seem like a good idea, but is only going to make your life difficult. With a big group of rowdy and inebriated lads, you could get more than you bargained for. The best thing is to jump in a few cabs and make sure everyone is back safe and sound.

Congratulations! You have avoided being banned from the wedding and also have earned yourself a mention in the grooms speech!

New Forest, Hampshire, England

One of Britain’s largest national parks is situated in the South of England. Walk around the cute villages of Christchurch and Brockenhurst and try not to buy some antiques or handmade curiosities in the artisan shops.  The new forest is very big and famous for its great cycle and walking paths. Enjoy the fresh air, the animals that are running wild and beautiful scenery for the day until you find that perfect spot to sit down and enjoy your home made picnic. Don’t feed the ponies though; they will never leave you alone.

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh houses the world’s biggest collection of plants that are native as well as non-native to the UK. It is a great place for a day out especially during spring when the trees start to blossom and the flowers come out. You can easily walk around for an entire day in between the multitude of flora that the gardens have to offer. Take a look at the website for special events and festivals that are organised during the spring and summer months to make your visit even more special.

Fermanagh Lakelands, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Fermanagh Lakelands are part of the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland. They are situated in the West of the country and only 2 hours away from Belfast. Within the parameters of this countryside jewel you will find a treasure of outdoor activities. You can do anything from caving to hiking and from cycling to paintballing. We suggest a nice horseback ride through the countryside of Irvinestown with a picnic at Enniskillen Castle.

Llangennith, Swansea, Wales

This beautiful stretch of sandy beach on the coast of West Wales is great for an outdoor picnic. The beach itself is gorgeous and deserted during low-season. However there are always some great surfers battling the crashing waves who are certainly of entertainment value. If the weather really heats up, you can also sign yourself up for some surf lessons in one of the many surf schools around the area.

Organising a picnic in a park or a forest is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Most parks are open to the public so you can invite as many people as you like, or make it a romantic lunch for two instead.  To make the picnic extra festive bring one or two birthday present hampers which you can find online via many Great British patisseries. All you need other than that is a blanket, sunglasses and a charged i-Pod.

Enjoy the spring!

A cup of tea is not just a cup of tea, depending on where you choose to sit and sip it can mean an entirely different experience. A cup of tea in a well placed cafe is the best way to take in a new country. People watching in between sips gives you the sorts of keen insights that make great blog posts and wonderful mental memento's. Take a tour around the world with us and find yourself a tea spot to visit.

Sri Lanka 

Some may have mistaken India, and its spices, for the crown jewel of the British Empire, but we would argue that it was rather the tea of Sri Lanka that Britons valued more. The types grown in the central regions of the island nation are: Ceylon Black, Ceylon Green and the highly-prized Ceylon White. Production of the latter is limited to the hundreds of kilograms and is a rare pleasure. If you're ever lucky enough to get yourself a few leaves save them for a special occasion: a graduation tea date or a pre-wedding cup of tea. To explore the under appreciated central regions of Sri Lank visit Tea Trails.


The ritual of tea-drinking is an integral part of Japanese culture so you'll have to approach a tea date in Japan with a bit more formality than your average cafe date. Chanoyu (or sado) is the traditional ritual of preparing and drinking matcha - the powdered green tea favoured in the land of the rising sun. A proper tea ceremony takes up to four hours and involves a meal bracketed by two sessions of tea-drinking. Wherever you go in Japan you'll find a teahouse nearby, but for the in-depth experience Hotel Okura in Tokyo (other hotels offer a similar service) is the perfect place to sample this meditative exercise in tea-drinking.


You would think that the best liquid to combat the stifling heat of a Moroccan day would be cold, but locals will tell you that nothing beats  a foaming cup of Toureg Tea - a type of mint tea. Like matcha above, preparing the drink is an event worth savouring almost as much as the tea itself. The routine involves two rounds of boiling, with tea leaves and then sugar,  and ends with a long pour from the pot to give the tea its characteristic frothiness. Some like to put a tea leaf in their cup before drinking, but leaving it in too long will upset your stomach. Preparation of the tea is done by the head of the family, but in other settings anyone can prepare the tea. Visitors to Morocco looking for the luxury experience may want to stop in at The Repose - a luxury Moroccan hotel, with a lovely traditional riad (courtyard) for their afternoon tea's.   

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