London has many different types of museums dotted all over the City from History Museums to Science Museums, below are a few of the best ones to visit in London.

Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road in London has a wide variety of different attractions to look at. The museum was established in 1881 and it has many fossils, minerals and rocks from all sorts of past creatures. The museum has many historical items such as dinosaur skeletons and a ‘Darwin Centre’ which is based around all of Darwin’s theories and work.

Museum of London
The museum of London has 9 different galleries that show the History of London from 1666 to the current day. The museums displays many of the important times in History such as the Romans, Medieval times, the outbreak of the Plague and much more.
Science Museum
The science Museum was formalised in 1909 and has a collection of over 30,000 items, the museum has all sorts of things from the first jet engine to the parts from the earliest steam engines. The museum has a wide variety of different attractions such as Science in the 18th Century, the atmosphere and Veterinary History.  All of the Museums listed above are free to visit and are easy to access in London.