Breakfast is an institution in the UK, even more when the week-end arrives. A fry up is the most traditional British breakfast, with its local additions, such as black pudding and potato scones in Scotland, or hog's pudding for the full Cornish version. However, this is sometimes a bit heavy or unhealthy, and it is always a good idea to vary your week-end breakfasts. You can also use them to travel a bit, and even set the theme for a Sunday, by for example eating food from the same country all day.

Pancakes, croissants, and even rice

There are of course many different foods eaten for breakfast around the world, the most known to us being the continental breakfast with croissants, toasts, jam and butter. If you prefer your breakfast to be savoury, then you can take inspiration from the other side of the Atlantic and have American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. A bit more different but still delicious is the New York traditional bagel filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon.
For something very different from what we are used to eat for breakfast, try the Turkish menemen, a kind of omelette with onion, tomato, green peppers and spices. You can some spicy sausage or dried cured beef to it. Or you can experiment with a gallopinto, the typical Costa Rican breakfast which is a combination of rice with white and red beans, and fresh fruits on the side.
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