_Looking for an easy way to do some more exercise?
Why don’t you substitute your car for a bike? Try going to your office, your leisure centre or anywhere else by bike and you will soon be a lover of this great medium of transport.

In some of the most important cities around the world you’ll find bikes on each corner. Amsterdam is one of the best examples, bikes fill the streets. They are part of the city’s decoration! And now London is in on the act, with city residents able to take a bike from any docking station, ride it to their destination and leave it in another docking station. It makes sense, bikes can be useful if you want to save time, because of the traffic jams. Cycle lanes are all over the cities, meaning you don’t always have to ride in the middle of the traffic.

Choose your bike model carefully, because decoration is part of your bike and your lifestyle too. Complement yours with bags, great baskets and bells. Don’t forget your light if you are thinking about using it at nights.
Remember the old times, the summer days when you were just a child riding through the streets with your close friends.
It will be a real trip down memory lane!