So you have been given the task of organising the final hurrah for your one of your best friends. Now, this is no easy task, especially if you stick to the clichés that you see in films.

Make sure that you avoid these mistakes, well that is unless you recently decided you have a strong dislike for the groom!

Don't bother planning

What´s the point in planning right? You can just show up in a place and find the best things to do when you get there! – No, no you can’t. Make sure that you have planned everything out, where are you going to stay? What are you going to do? How many of you are going? Don’t forget about transport either!

Start drinking early

The quicker you start drinking the better! Get them in early and make sure you show how much of a man you are by drinking more than everyone else! – Please, please don’t do this. This is going to be a marathon and not a sprint and if you weekend starts like this then you won’t be fit for either. I know it’s crazy to suggest not drinking until the evening, but keep in mind you’re looking to finish at 5am.

Eating is cheating

This needs little explanation and like the point above, if you are thinking like this then your night is going to come to a very early and very very messy end! There is no rush so make sure you book a cool place to eat and enjoy yourselves, besides, where else will you be making your best man’s speech and rallying the lads in a rousing Braveheart style call to arms?

To the streets

Now, this fits in with the first point, make sure that you have not only picked your club with care, but you have booked yourself the VIP section! This is going to get you fantastic service, quick entry and a lot of attention. Now it really is time to let go and embrace everything you associate with stag weekends. Get the drinks flowing and make sure the forfeits are suitably stupid.

Walk back to the hotel!

Walking back to the hotel may seem like a good idea, but is only going to make your life difficult. With a big group of rowdy and inebriated lads, you could get more than you bargained for. The best thing is to jump in a few cabs and make sure everyone is back safe and sound.

Congratulations! You have avoided being banned from the wedding and also have earned yourself a mention in the grooms speech!