If you’re looking for a luxury holiday there are plenty of possibilities in Italy. The country is full of culture, style and great food, and you can easily find a destination that suits your tastes. To add a little luxury to your trip you can set up a holiday home exchange, which saves you money and allows you to stay in the comfort of someone’s home. In this guide you will find 10 suggestions for luxury holiday locations in Italy.

Italy is a fantastic destination, full of interesting cities and luxury locations. You can visit Italy in style and really live it up with a bit of planning. A home swap is one of the best ways to make a luxurious holiday affordable. In this guide you can read about 10 luxury locations in Italy, including Capri, the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como.


Venice is famous for its canals and romantic atmosphere. It’s the capital of the Veneto region and combines quaint Italian charm with all the amenities you would expect of a big city.


Florence is an amazing city, both to look at and to explore. The architecture is breathtaking, the food is delicious and it’s a really stylish destination. It’s an art-filled choice for a luxury getaway!

Lake Como

Head for Lake Como if you want a real taste of how the rich and famous holiday. You really want to stay on the lake itself, and if you do you’ll feel like you’re in a truly special location.

Amalfi Coast

If it’s a beach break you’re after, you should head for the Amalfi Coast in Campania. You can while away your days in the sun and maybe even hire your own beach cabana to add to the luxury.


Sardinia is another good place to visit for a luxury getaway. You could opt for the coastal town of Cagliari or, for a bit of peaceful luxury, you could head for Carloforte.

Madonna di Campiglio

Head up the Italian Dolomites to try your hand at skiing in Madonna di Campiglio. Spend the day on the beautiful white slopes, marvel at the scenery and then return to sip a cocktail in your chalet.


Combine luxury and romance by heading for the beautiful city of Verona. This is where Romeo and Juliet is set so, if you fancy a romantic break, it doesn’t get any more romantic than Verona!


Capri is the place for the wealthy and you can enjoy it too. You’ll be right on the coast and will definitely want to visit the famous Piazzetta. It doesn’t get more exclusive or luxurious than Capri.


You’ve read about Florence but what about the rest of Tuscany? Well, there are plenty of other places you can go for a luxury holiday, as well as great food, in towns like Siena and Lucca.

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo is another of Italy’s fantastic ski resorts. It’s a great place for skiers and snowboarders and the après ski is pretty good too!

You can find holiday home swaps at www.lovehomeswap.com. And, if you like the idea of a house swap in Italy, you have plenty of options open to you.

Poll: where in Italy would you like to go?

A             Madonna di Campiglio

B             Capri

C             Lake Como

D             Venice

E              Other

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As the weather is heating up and we are heading for the warm spring weather, so is the summer break. What will you do this year: relax or do something worthwhile? If you are thinking about the last one you might want to look in to vacation language courses. It might not sound like the ideal way to spend your summer holiday, but picture this:

You live in beautiful apartment in London, near Hyde Park. You get your breakfast from the local deli around the corner every day. In the evening you enjoy the sights London has to offer and of course the exciting night life. A picnic on primrose Hill, high tea at the Dorchester and dinner at Jamie Oliver’s fifteen restaurant. You are living the big city life to the fullest, knowing that you can go back to a more tranquil pace of life, at any time. Have we grasped your interest yet?

Why should you do a language course?

A vacation language course is the perfect opportunity to combine travelling with building up your CV. A foreign language always looks good on your resume, it shows you are interested in other cultures and it shows you are determined to improve your skillset.

What does a language course entail?

During the day you learn something new about a new culture that is foreign to you. In small groups of 12 you improve your knowledge of a language of your own choice. You practice the grammar, pronunciation and spelling of this language and slowly develop a basic knowledge. You can use this level of knowledge to move to an advanced course or you can try your luck in a native speaking country.

Why choose London?

London is a great place to study a foreign language because it is such a multi-cultural city. It doesn’t matter which language you decide to study, it is almost guaranteed you will run in to someone from the background of which you are studying the language and culture.  This enables you to practice your school knowledge with a native speaker straight away. It doesn’t matter if it is only a quick chat in the pub because when it comes to learning a new language:  practice makes perfect.

Plus there are also a lot of amazing cultural themed festivals in London throughout the year. The Hyper Japan London festival in February and the Caribbean Notting Hill carnival in August are just two of the biggest examples. The city of London makes it therefore not only possible but also exciting to indulge yourself in a foreign culture.

What to do afterwards?

The majority of vacation language course are taught in small groups so you can easily make friends that have the same interest as you do.  Chances are you make some great travel for your next vacation. Or you can choose to make use of the central location of London and make a little road trip to the South or the East coastal regions.

There are more than plenty of great opportunities for a holiday that combines leisure and doing something worthwhile. You just need to find the one that suits you best.