Planning a trip to Japan anytime soon? You may find that their way of living is much different to the way you live. If you want to see Japan for what it really is by getting closer to the locals then there’s one thing you must learn- respect.
Japanese traditions go back for thousands of years and although the importance of respect may not be as serious for the younger generations, it’s still unavoidable in the country. Japan’s cities are vibrant & modern- which could seem like many other cities across the world- but knowing where you stand in society and demonstrating a fair degree of respect is vital.
One of the most important traditions to this day is with the Senpai & kōhai which are terms applied to the mentor system. This is applied in places such as school, sports clubs, businesses, and social organizations.
Another big sign of respect is bowing.
Obama really went for it when he met Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. His nearly 90-degree bow did spark a little bit of controversy back in the states, but that just goes to show how different some cultures can be to each other.
Eating would be yet another vital time to demonstrate your understanding of the Japanese Culture; there are various small mannerisms you need to remember, such as saying “itadakimasu” at the beginning of a meal.
If you’re going to Japan make sure you do your research; you’ll wreak the benefits from showing respect because you’ve demonstrated that you understand the locals and want to see this wonderful country from their eyes.
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