A cup of tea is not just a cup of tea, depending on where you choose to sit and sip it can mean an entirely different experience. A cup of tea in a well placed cafe is the best way to take in a new country. People watching in between sips gives you the sorts of keen insights that make great blog posts and wonderful mental memento's. Take a tour around the world with us and find yourself a tea spot to visit.

Sri Lanka 

Some may have mistaken India, and its spices, for the crown jewel of the British Empire, but we would argue that it was rather the tea of Sri Lanka that Britons valued more. The types grown in the central regions of the island nation are: Ceylon Black, Ceylon Green and the highly-prized Ceylon White. Production of the latter is limited to the hundreds of kilograms and is a rare pleasure. If you're ever lucky enough to get yourself a few leaves save them for a special occasion: a graduation tea date or a pre-wedding cup of tea. To explore the under appreciated central regions of Sri Lank visit Tea Trails.


The ritual of tea-drinking is an integral part of Japanese culture so you'll have to approach a tea date in Japan with a bit more formality than your average cafe date. Chanoyu (or sado) is the traditional ritual of preparing and drinking matcha - the powdered green tea favoured in the land of the rising sun. A proper tea ceremony takes up to four hours and involves a meal bracketed by two sessions of tea-drinking. Wherever you go in Japan you'll find a teahouse nearby, but for the in-depth experience Hotel Okura in Tokyo (other hotels offer a similar service) is the perfect place to sample this meditative exercise in tea-drinking.


You would think that the best liquid to combat the stifling heat of a Moroccan day would be cold, but locals will tell you that nothing beats  a foaming cup of Toureg Tea - a type of mint tea. Like matcha above, preparing the drink is an event worth savouring almost as much as the tea itself. The routine involves two rounds of boiling, with tea leaves and then sugar,  and ends with a long pour from the pot to give the tea its characteristic frothiness. Some like to put a tea leaf in their cup before drinking, but leaving it in too long will upset your stomach. Preparation of the tea is done by the head of the family, but in other settings anyone can prepare the tea. Visitors to Morocco looking for the luxury experience may want to stop in at The Repose - a luxury Moroccan hotel, with a lovely traditional riad (courtyard) for their afternoon tea's.   

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6/18/2012 10:26:05 pm

great article wouldnt have thought of sri lanka as a tea destination.

6/18/2012 10:44:11 pm

My favorite one is the INDIAN CHAI! I´m totally in love with it since I tried it few month ago...

6/19/2012 01:28:51 am

my mother in law drinks the weirdest teas on Earth... she should be on the list

6/19/2012 01:46:59 am

I love the picture of the tea trails in Sri Lanka!

6/19/2012 06:14:30 pm

mmm. I absolutely love tea! ...any tea!

6/19/2012 09:41:11 pm

I find it amazing how flavoured water has had such influence on world history, but can't deny that sometimes a cup of tea is just what I need. Spicy Chai preferably.

Jose C
6/25/2012 11:36:56 pm

What about China? I'm a huge fan of white tea, so that would be my most desired destination.

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