Do you always stick to the same type when it comes to dating? Has dating this way nearly always turned sour? Would you ever consider branching out and dating someone outside your type? This article discusses the ways we type-cast people and the benefits that can be gained from broadening your horizons when it comes to dating. 
Like most singles, you probably have a very specific dating checklist when it comes to looking for potential partners. You may be guilty of ruling most people out within a split second, based on very superficial qualities which fail to match up to your idea of what makes the ideal mate. 
But by broadening your horizons could you be more likely to find the perfect date?
Having a specific type
Most people have a specific type. This could be down to physical attributes – you may prefer the tall, dark, handsome type or the sweet blonde hair, blue eyes look.
You may only date people of a certain ethnicity, or you may restrict your dates to those who share your religious beliefs. You may rule out anyone who isn’t in a certain age bracket and you may be adamantly against dating a single parent.

Are you unlucky in love?
Have you found that sticking to your to type has led to a string of unsuccessful relationships? Many people who stick to a very narrow ‘dating-attribute’ checklist find that they are unlucky in love. 
Someone may tick all the boxes physically, but have nothing in common with you on a deeper level. The most important part of person for longevity in a relationship is their personality. 
If you do not share the same sense of humour, interests in certain subjects and life values then you are unlikely to connect on a level that goes beyond the surface of physical attraction.
Trying something new
If you are finding that sticking to your type is getting you nowhere then it might be time to think about trying someone new. By being less particular about what you are looking for you will open yourself up to meeting a whole load of people who you would previously have dismissed straight away. 
Compatibility is not just a physical thing. Keep an open mind and get to know someone before you rule them out. You may find a genuine connection in the most surprising of places! Some of the best relationships occur when people go for someone outside of their physical typecasting. 
If the personality, laughter and chemistry is there then who cares if that person is not your perfect ideal, or does not tick all the boxes on your list. Give it a go and see what happens!
Meeting new people through online dating
One easy way to broaden your horizons is to try an online dating site such as You can browse the profiles of people of all different ages, races, religions and beliefs. 
Whether you are looking for someone slightly older, someone who shares your religious beliefs or people who are interested in Japanese dating, online sites attract people with a wide array of interests.
Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons when it comes to dating. You could be overlooking your perfect match because of shallow, superficial reasons. Give people a chance and see if love can blossom!
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There's something for everyone in volunteering. It's such a vast, far-reaching community that almost any interest, hobby or career ambition can be matched to a suitable programme. All that you need to do is pick something relevant to you. If you do not yet know what career you want, picking the right type of volunteering might open your eyes up to a new job path.


A medicine-based volunteer programme is a natural choice for anyone with ambitions to become a doctor or nurse. It will also provide invaluable experience in your personal and professional development, as well as an excellent boost to your CV. But you don't have to be halfway through medical school to choose a medical volunteer programme.

There are placements available for all levels of interest and experience, including care workers, dentistry and nursing. Browse some of the numerous projects available on the Projects Abroad website and learn more about Projects Abroad UK, which offers volunteer projects in Ghana and throughout the world.


 Green issues have come to the forefront in recent years. If you're someone who values the protection and upkeep of the world's natural environment, it may be worth looking into one of the many conservation volunteer placements available.

There are opportunities to work in underwater coral reefs and thick jungle rainforests; on the African savannah or the Himalayan mountains. Each gives you the chance to fight on the frontline of environmentalism.


 Teaching is a popular choice for volunteers as it’s available in almost every country that welcomes volunteers and, with accepted qualifications like a TEFL, does not even require a second language – just the right attitude.

Teaching is perfect for those who enjoy working with children, who are hardworking and dedicated, and who are sociable and friendly. It's common for deep attachments and lifelong friendships to spark up between teachers and students.


 If you like getting your hands dirty, perhaps a volunteering project in construction or building is for you? You don't need any experience (although a bit of DIY knowledge may come in handy along the way) – you'll most likely be trained on your placement. Most important, as with all volunteering, is a can-do attitude and willingness to work hard and long hours.

There are huge numbers of countries who happily accept volunteers to help out in places where the architecture is basic or infrastructure is poor. Building projects are almost always tough and physical, so ensure you're in shape, but the rewards and satisfaction will be immense.

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Europe’s premier city is a hotbed of inspirational education and cultural delights. From the British Museum and National Gallery to the Palace of Westminster and Tate Modern, there are countless sights to soak up. Not only this, but the city itself is wonderfully cosmopolitan, broadening the outlook of visitors and locals alike. Little surprise then, that an increasing number of parents are choosing London’s schools for their children’s International Baccalaureate education; an education which is inherently creative and global in its outlook.
London is the world's most-visited city, and one that has much to offer educationally, as well as visually. Those that choose to reside in the city while their children undertake the IB can be reassured that the city will inspire and delight in equal measure. Importantly, as one of the world’s leading international cities, the capital is a sympathetic foil to the world-encompassing outlook inherent in the IB curriculum.



As the UK’s economic and cultural powerhouse, it’s not surprising that London feels like a world unto itself. Indeed, for many who choose to live and work in the country’s capital, the city provides enough to keep them entertained for more than one lifetime.

For those that wish to travel beyond the city, Paris can be reached in less than three hours by Eurostar. There are also nine London airports and good road connections in every direction. 


London’s rich and varied culture is its pride. Places such as the British Museum and the National Gallery are loved by both residents and visitors – not just because they’re free, but because they, like the city itself, inspire both inquisitiveness and a sense of awe. Cultural delights seemingly lie around every corner – from the gothic Palace of Westminster to the modernist Tate.

kid studying

Why IB?

The International Baccalaureate is increasing in popularity in countries around the world – especially the UK. With globalisation having resulted in a demand for employees with a broad education, teachers and parents are ever more frequently turning to the IB to ensure that their children get the best chances in the future. 

According to David Miles, Deputy Head at Gresham’s School in Norfolk, ‘the IB is more about an ethos of an educational style’. This ‘ethos’, says the International Baccalaureate Organisation, encourages students to ‘participate in creative and service-oriented activities, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of reflection on a personal and academic level’.

The IB Curriculum is now taught in a number of schools in the UK, with increasing attention being given to the Primary and Mid Years Programmes. Gill Bowker, an Independent Education Consultant at Bowker Consulting, says that the greatest strength of the IB Primary and Mid Years Programmes is that they are ‘accessible and appropriate for children from any country and any educational background’.

For those seeking an IB-focussed independent school, London has a great many to offer, such as the IC School. Situated in the quiet locality of Regent’s Park, the dedicated primary school teaches six main subjects areas. The exact way this is taught, says Assistant Principal, Liz Bowie, depends on the child. Our curriculum embraces purposeful, structured inquiry as the main feature of teaching and learning,’ she says.

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