Have you booked your summer holiday yet? If you want a hot mix-up of different experiences, Ibiza is where you need to be.
Situated east of Spain in the beautifully clear Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza has a real mixture of history, culture and- once the summer arrives- youth. As you walk around the capital, Ibiza Town, you will notice the diversity in your surroundings, with old buildings on the rocky edges and modern day super-clubs just around the corner.

has been renowned for being the party capital of the World, with clubbers from all around the globe coming together at summer time to go a bit wild. The list of famous clubs includes Space, Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, DC10, Eden & Es Paradis. ‘Ibiza Rocks’ is a recent attraction for party-goers, with more live music being performed, with the ‘Ibiza Rocks Hotel’ as the accommodation.
But the number of clubbers arriving each summer has gradually dropped more and more since the turn of the Millennium; the famous DJ’s are getting older, and so are the regular clubbers of the 90’s.

In recent years the island has started to go back to its 60’s routes of the hippies; people would rather have a relaxed all-nighter on the beach; people would rather enjoy the vibes of the sunshine and mellow music than the constantly-throbbing bass of house music running through you. It’s almost by accident that the island is going back on itself, but this now looks like the future of the Ibiza.

has artistic roots going back to the early 60’s when artists - such as painters and designers – would flock to the island and gather to create a really unique, loving atmosphere. In the 70’s, Ibiza and Formentera became the centres of the hippie movement in Europe. For 40 years Pacha has hosted ‘Flower Power parties’; where everybody and anybody can come together and enjoy wide varieties of music, such as music form the 60’s, pop, soul, rock, underground & psychedelic. This attracts tourists, who are always more than welcome- but there will still be a good few old school hippies around!
The famous Hippy Market runs all through the summer; where you can find lots of unique items handmade by hippies that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in the World! You can end up shopping and looking around for a good while, as the walkways are shaded by palm trees and it really gives you a chance to cool down, enjoy the market and chill with the hippies in Ibiza.

So whatever you want out of a Holiday- whether it’s a cultural experience, raving and clubbing, or you just want to chill and feel the vibes- Ibiza has it all.