The Caribbean are usually known for their great beaches where you can spend your time sunbathing and swimming in the deep blue and warm water. The atmosphere is laid-back and locals and tourists alike enjoy a life of leisure where nothing is hurried. It is a part of the world that is close to heaven. But it isn't what the Caribbean are just about and in some places, surf is the main occupation. The Costa Rica, which has its east coast on the Caribbean Sea, has some great surfing spots, especially between December and March and from June to July.

For confirmed surfers and beginners

This is when the Salsa Brava crashes ashore, a twenty-foot tubular and thick wave formed by deep water meeting a very shallow reef. If you are a confirmed surfer, you can try to ride it, but anyone else can watch the show offers by the best surfers in the world meeting for the Puerto Viejo open every February.
A couple of kilometres from Puerto Viejo is the Playa Cocles with some of the best surfing on the east coast and a bit more accessible, especially in September and October. However, beginners will want to start on the Puerto Viejo beach where waves are more friendly.