Winter is well and truly here in the UK, which means long, dark nights and unpleasant weather conditions. Chances are, you're dreaming of being somewhere else, somewhere hotter, and somewhere that enjoys winter more than summer. Winter in Spain boasts much more bearable temperatures than the summer and is a hub of activity during the cooler months. There are surprising amount of events and things to do in Spain over winter, from active skiing adventures to cultural museum encounters, there is something for everyone.


Skiing is the ultimate winter activity. The snow, the warm cabins, and the hot drinks make for a cosy escape whilst you enjoy some of the beautiful scenery that Spain has to offer. You may not know it, but Spain has more mountains than any other country in Europe which, when it snows, make the ideal backdrop for this popular winter sport.

Go for a walk

Mallorca walk
I'm not taking about a walk around the block; I'm talking about those bracing walks through breathtaking landscapes that really blow the cobwebs away. Spanish walking holidays are perfect for this time of year as you will meet less tourists along the way and can enjoy your surroundings without feeling unbearably hot.

Visit Museums

Spain is home to artworks by some of the most famous artists of all time and there is no better time to explore these masterpieces than during the winter months. Tourists will be scarce so there will be no one blocking your view, and the indoor environment offers the perfect escape from those dreaded bad-weather days. Warm up whilst wandering amongst works by Picasso, Goya, Velaquez, Miro, and Dali.

Learn Spanish

In the summer, you might find yourself preoccupied doing outdoorsy activities and enjoying the warm temperatures so the cooler months provide the perfect opportunity for you to get your head down and learn Spanish in Spain. There's no better way to learn a language than by immersing yourself in the culture surrounding it and you'll be prepared for your next summer visit.

Do more

There's more local business & cuisine to explore in the Winter
In summer, the locals often up and leave the cities in search of cooler places. This means that many restaurants, bars and shops are closed for much of the summer until their owners return. In winter, pretty much everything is open because, well, the temperature is much more bearable for the locals.
London has many different types of museums dotted all over the City from History Museums to Science Museums, below are a few of the best ones to visit in London.

Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road in London has a wide variety of different attractions to look at. The museum was established in 1881 and it has many fossils, minerals and rocks from all sorts of past creatures. The museum has many historical items such as dinosaur skeletons and a ‘Darwin Centre’ which is based around all of Darwin’s theories and work.

Museum of London
The museum of London has 9 different galleries that show the History of London from 1666 to the current day. The museums displays many of the important times in History such as the Romans, Medieval times, the outbreak of the Plague and much more.
Science Museum
The science Museum was formalised in 1909 and has a collection of over 30,000 items, the museum has all sorts of things from the first jet engine to the parts from the earliest steam engines. The museum has a wide variety of different attractions such as Science in the 18th Century, the atmosphere and Veterinary History.  All of the Museums listed above are free to visit and are easy to access in London.