Have you ever been to London? Have you ever taken the underground?
The London underground is the oldest in the world, that's why is so famous. When other big cities had not thought about building undergrounds, the tube was already working  in London.

Since 1863 (the year that the first section of the underground opened) to present, the tube has evolved and undergone many changes to amplify and maintain everything in good conditions. The tube has good connections everywhere around London center and surroundings. It's therefore very useful to the millions of people who used it every single day.

London is a big city so people need public transport to move around the city, go to work, study or simply go shopping. 

Live music, people, steep stairs, mazes... are some of the things that you can find in the London underground.

It's an experience that some people like and others hate... What do you think?
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7/30/2012 07:50:17 pm

These stars have found a new place to promote amazing music.
Furthermore, American stars began to pop up on public transport.

8/21/2013 04:05:16 am

I cannot believe there is such thing in London, so amazing. Certainly there are historical records left there or some interesting facts. Thanks for sharing.

12/26/2017 09:22:09 am

Metro in London is a work of art. But this beauty is dangerous. Here it is quite possible to get lost. Probably the most dangerous is the metro in Tokyo.


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